Why You Need A LinkedIn Page

by | Aug 18, 2020

Whilst it is true to say that some of the other networking sites and social media outlets may be a little more glamorous, well known and understood, there is every reason why you should consider having a LinkedIn presence for your business, while you also work on other solutions such as Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn has a first-class reputation and is really the number one site when it comes to networking for business and keeping in touch with people who really could make a difference in terms of your ongoing prospects.

There are many different ways that you can use LinkedIn to benefit your business. For example, you may be looking for a specific type of employee, someone who has skill requisites that are difficult to find. LinkedIn is the place to set up CVs and provide information for millions of professionals from around the world and you will be able to quickly see if there is common ground for discussion, or whether there are any connections you need to investigate.

You can use LinkedIn to tell the business world about your products or services. For example, there is a specific application called Slide Share, where you can roll out your range of products and your specific knowledge base. You can request information from your market, share specific blog posts and provide information that could be of value within the industry. Remember that one of the cardinal rules of being in business these days is to try your best to help others. This will involve a fair degree of generosity on your part, as you build a reputation for being contributory, knowledgeable and forthright.

LinkedIn can today be linked to all your other social profiles. Once you have set up your presence it should be populated with comprehensive information about all the connections that you have in the social media world, the presence of your website, where your blog is located and so on. Remember that in the business-to-business world, many individuals and organisations treat LinkedIn as a one-stop shop.

This is not the place to be shy and retiring or to hide your light under a bushel. Remember that this particular “social media” network is aimed at business professionals. Whilst you do have to be a little careful how you promote your business on other social media networks so that you don’t step on people’s toes, here it pays to get your name out there. This is why you need to stay active when it comes to your LinkedIn profile and it’s not simply a case of setting it up and seeing who may find it. Your virtual assistant can help you to search for specific discussions relevant to your field, can post information, ask questions and provide good quality and good value as an investment in your business future.

Once you’ve been able to collectively build a solid stance and following you will find that opportunities start to flow. When you’ve achieved something constructive, don’t forget to use LinkedIn as another valuable resource as well, by asking for recommendations or testimonials appropriately.

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