About Me

providing administrative and technical services to artists, writers and entrepreneurs

my background

I didn’t start out life intrigued by all things technical; from school age, I was always drawn to languages and obtained an MA(Hons) from St Andrews University. I spent a fascinating few months in Gorbachev’s Russia in the city of Voronezh just before Yeltsin gained power and remember seeing Yeltsin speak at a political rally. We students also went on a trip of a lifetime to Uzbekistan and visited the beautiful city of Samarkand. I will never forget the excitement of being in what was then the Soviet Union. I went on to train as a translator in Spanish and Russian at Leeds University and obtained another MA.

I worked for several years for the University of Cambridge in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages before taking a course in Seville to learn to teach English as a foreign language. That course led me to Crete, Greece where I taught English, learned Greek and also worked for the first time as a virtual assistant.

I taught myself many online skills including creating websites and learning another couple of languages – this time the programming languages of HTML and CSS. All of these experiences have given me a huge insight into not only running a business but setting one up and finding the best ways to work online.