Virtual admin and technical support

office assistance to give you more time

As a writer, artist or business owner, trying to manage all your office tasks is hard when you are trying to meet that chapter deadline, advertise an exhibition or find more clients. Outsourcing your admin and technical tasks will give you the time you need.

Websites, videos, all things technical

I have many years’ experience of working with WordPress websites and can help with many aspects of editing, maintaining or even creating your website. If you are struggling to add a particular function to your website such as a gallery or need to change the font style or colour, get in touch and I will sort it out for you. I can also edit videos, create thumbnail video covers and help you set up accounts on Vimeo and YouTube. I can also get your video onto your website or into social media and add captions. 


Social media

Social media is one of the most overlooked office tasks and one that gets relegated to the few spare minutes you might have in the week or sometimes just doesn’t happen at all. If your social media accounts have the feel of a tumbleweed rolling through the desert, I can help you bring them back to life with regular updates in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. I can create content and graphics or source photos for your updates.


creating your ebook

When you have spent so many hours writing your book, getting over the hurdle of self-publishing needn’t be something you dread and that holds you back from selling your book. Let me help you create your ebook and get it onto Amazon so that you can start making money. I can also proofread your manuscript to ensure there are no typos or errors.

How I Can Help

Below are some of the tasks I can complete for you but if you have a requirement that you can’t spot below, do get in touch as quite possibly I will be able to help.


Editing pages and posts

Creating new pages/posts
Sourcing and adding images
Sorting domain name & hosting
Installing WordPress
Setting up a WordPress Theme
Adding features & functions

Videos & Photos

Video editing

Adding title pages
Creating slideshows from photos
Adding panning & zoom
YouTube/Vimeo accounts
Adding captions to videos
Editing photos



Credit control
MailChimp newsletters
Document formatting
Audio typing/transcription

Let me handle the nitty-gritty details so you can take care of the bigger picture

10 reasons to hire me

You will have more time to spend on your business

You just pay for as many hours as you need

No PAYE, no pension, no sick pay, no overheads

You will have all the benefits of hiring an experienced executive assistant

Tasks are magically completed on time

Your stress levels will go down

Your business will become more organised

Remember all the reasons you set up your business